Email Deliverability
Master the art of reaching your recipients' inboxes.
Learn proven strategies, best practices, and expert tips to ensure your emails land where they belong, maximizing your message's impact and engagement.
  • 1. Email Blocklisting Scenarios: Unraveling the Culprits

  • 2. Introduction to Email deliverability

    Email deliverability is all about whether your email ends up in your recipient's inbox or gets blocked or marked as spam. Understanding it can be a bit tricky. It involves factors like your email provider, sender's domain, list quality, how often you send emails, your IP reputation, and your overall sender reputation.

  • 3. MX records in a DNS explained

    An MX (Mail Exchange) record is a small piece of information stored in the settings of a domain (like emaildojo.io). This record tells the internet where to send emails destined for that domain. When someone sends you an email, their email server checks the MX record of your domain to know where to deliver the message.

  • 4. What is DNS SPF record ?

    Learn what an SPF record is, why it's essential for email security, and how to generate SPF record and manage it effectively. Enhance the integrity of your digital communication and protect your inbox from fraudulent practices.

  • 5. What is DKIM ?

    Imagine if your emails had a hidden seal that proved they're real and trustworthy. That's exactly what DKIM does! It's like a secret handshake for emails that ensures they're genuine and haven't been tampered with.

  • 6. DMARC Explained: What it is, Why and How DMARC sheilds emails?

    DMARC, which stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, is a technical standard that boosts email security. It's like a shield that protects both those who send emails and those who receive them from advanced threats that could lead to email breaches. Learn more about DMARC policy and DMARC records...